Registration & Payroll processing


Our registration team members will explain about our services,payroll processing, payment frequency and salary structures.


If you are happy to register with us, we do fast track registration via online ,email and phone. We required all documents to complete your registration

Right to Work

We will check and get all necessary documents;

Copy of Passport, Visa status,NI proof, address proof .


Once  you meet all requirements, we will prepare your contract to sign.


Once  you meet all requirements, we will prepare your compliance and registration documents and send it to your agencies also we will copy to you as well.

After we submitted your documents to your agency, agency will contact us and sign the contract with us in the same time you can submit your time-sheet to your agency.

When agency approved your time-sheet they will send the remittance advice to Metropay. We will process your remittance advice same day or next-day but not more than 24 hrs.

Once processed your payroll, we will pay your net pay to your personal bank account as you given, in the same day or every Friday afternoon, we will send your payslip via email.

You may contact for payslip quires or payment quires we will reply to you within 3 hours, otherwise you can call any time between the office hours. 

Inquiries With Us
For all Inquiries about Compliance with Us, Please Email:

We will attend your email as soon as possible, if you haven't received any response within 24 hours, please call us  

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