HMRC Compliance

We understand that it is essential for you to be fully compliant with all of the latest working regulations and legislations. Due to the frequent amendments and the introduction of new legislation; it can be a mind-field to keep up-to-date with all of the changes.

 We are always ready to help you to keep you up-to-date with the requirements.

We work along with tax specialists, Abbey Tax, Accountax, to ensure compliance. All our experienced team are fully up-to-date and aware of all new and existing regulations and legislations. We will make you aware of any changes that affect the way you work or your pay, plus we will also ensure that you will be compliant with HMRC.

Mutuality of obligation

We operate as an ‘over-arching’ Contract of Employment; this is to maintain continuity of employment.

We treat all income paid to you from Us as earnings of employment of the worker by deducting full PAYE from these earnings.

Statutory obligations

We have the statutory obligations contain reference to paid holiday entitlement, sick pay, maternity and paternity pay.

Our pay slips show clear illustrations including full PAYE is deducted from workers’ earnings.

Contractual obligation

We have a contractual obligation to guarantee a minimum number of hours of work in any 12-month period. The acceptable number of hours guaranteed in an over-arching contract to satisfy HMRC on this point is 336 hours.

We are responsibility to pay the contractor’s salary once a month regardless of whether or not funds have been received from the recruitment agency or end client and this is paid at minimum wage (currently £7.50 per hour); we will pay the Employers NI contributions due on this amount.


We have hold Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance.

AWR Regulation.

We flow agency workers’ regulation.

Inquiries With Us
For all Inquiries about Compliance with Us, Please Email:

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We assure that you are fully compliant with all tax legislation by confirming the below statements:


  • We directly employ each and every contractor

  • We operate a normal PAYE scheme, with each and every contractor paying the correct levels of tax and National Insurance Contributions

  • We DO NOT pay in "dividends" (a key target of the 2007 Budget)

  • We pay employed (Class 1) National Insurance Contributions

  • We pay Employers National Insurance Contributions

  • We ensure all our contractors receive the usual employments rights and protection given to individuals working for an employer including Holiday Pay

  • Every Employee receives at least Minimum Wage.

  • Workers are not engaged on a ‘self employed’ basis

  • We have confirmed the Identity and Work Eligibility of each Employee

  • We have an overarching contract of employment which encompasses all assignments that the employee undertakes

  • We do not pay in the form of ‘loans’ to workers, EBT Schemes or Joint Share Ownership Plans

  • We will not change the ‘scheme’ that the worker is paid through without discussions with agencies.

  • We do not use Swedish Derogation Contracts

  • We do not use “mini umbrella” companies

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